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Featured Media

Naked, stripped of hope, purpose, feeling like you have no worth? Your Father God has a plan, and it is good for you! Georgina shares in this audio prophetic bulletin what God is doing behind the scenes for you. 2 visions she has had are filled with what is coming your way. Grab a hold of what the Spirit of the Lord has to say to you NOW! (14:00)


What Keith Says...

There are some days that seem like "blah!, no hope, dreary," but that is not true!  Walk with me as I talk about seeing fresh dew on the ground every morning and what it means to me.  I believe this will spark a little hope in you today! Be sure an give me a like or something if you like this. Thank you!

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Featured Article


By Chris Reed
Sometimes, it seems like NOTHING in life is going our way, like there's no progress, no breakthrough, and no movement whatsoever. Everything looks barren ?— ?not a springing leaf anywhere in sight°.just cold, barren branches seemingly everywhere. In these "winter" times of our lives, it can be extremely tempting to just give up and scrap the entirety of whatever it is we feel we have poured ourselves into for so long. Oftentimes, we feel the most defeated right before we finally break through. Unfortunately, we have no meter to tell us how close we are to finally breaking whatever threshold has eluded us for so long. . .

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Faith Is...

What happens when all you call your own comes crumbling down around you? We create our own future by what we speak, so I encourage you to be like Abraham and walk it out by speaking life not death. Let me share with you this principle. (11:46)



Revelations of Identity

On Easter morning the women went to the tomb expecting to see death-But instead found and empty tomb. It was not what they expected, but it was what Jesus had said. Georgina shares how we must believe in what God says, not what we expect it to be. God's plans have an expected end, and they are good ones for you! (18:04)


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