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Featured Video

"I don't know how, God knows how, but will he do it for me?" These are statements too often heard or spoken by those in the midst of trials, or turmoil. But for those who trust the Word of the Lord, the answer is sure. Yes, He will do whatever is needed for you. Georgina shares a wonderful word about this! (12:40)


What Keith Says...

When you are thirsty you will look for a place to get a drink, right? Whether it is for literal water or spiritual water you can find the refreshing if you look in the right place. I saw this wonderful stream flowing fast and sounding so refreshing I burst out in song. Take a minute and let me share with you.(3:08)


Featured Article

The Power of the Unseen

By Georgina Buchanan
On one particularly hard day as I meditated on the goodness of God, It was revealed to me how much my feelings were based on what I SEE instead of what I do not or cannot see. At first I was not sure what was be being revealed to me, and then I remembered the scripture in Hebrews that says, "Now faith IS the substances of things hoped for and the evidence of things NOT SEEN." (Hebrews 11:1-3 NKJV)

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Faith Is...

As we watch all of the exposing of the enemies plans with in the world today,  many folks walk around with faces formed by fear and their concern over these things.  How sad. Georgina invites you to receive the hope and encouragement she received from the Father regarding this issue. Let your Faith Abound with this short Word of Truth. (4:17)


Revelations of Identity

One of the greatest struggles in the world today is the understanding of "who am I", and "what is my identity". Satan's deception of Adam and Eve in the garden caused a veil of darkness to cover the real Identity of so many. In this first teaching about our Identity, Georgina has been given some wonderful revelations from the Father about how to understand our real Identity! (18:49)


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