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When a child is about to have a birthday, there is Great Expectancy! Georgina shares with us In this teaching about an even Greater Expectancy, which is built up in our spirits. God has the plan for each of us to have the full power of Faith, and Hope by developing an Expectancy for our future victories in Him! (14:24) Even though this was recorded in July 2017,  It is still a fresh Word for this new season we are entering into.


What Keith Says...

Do you ever wonder, why am I not like somebody else, or so-n-so-is better than me? Well guess what! I believe that God made you that way on purpose.  Each one of us is unique in God's creation, just like this strange tree I found on my walk with Ginger. This tree had only one branch that had survived the growth process.  Come let me share this thought with you.  U R Unique on purpose.

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Featured Article

The Power of-The WAIT

By Georgina Buchanan
Have you ever stood at a bus stop, airport or even a train station waiting for a vehicle of transportation to move you from one location to another? You would hold in your hand the schedule that would tell you where you should stand, what time to be there; and if the transport was going to be late there would be some kind of notification as to the anticipated time of arrival. Barring a major interruption you had a fairly accurate idea of when you would get to your destination. Unfortunately we in the Christian world expect God to operate on that same type of format. Many Christians have walked away from their station of hope and expectancy because the Father did not stay on their time table. As difficult as it is to wait for any extended amount of time, Waiting is a BIG part of our relationship with our Heavenly Father...

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Faith Is...

In Part 2 of this teaching, "Don't Drop Your Shield," Georgina addresses a specific situation that affects all of us and how our Shield of Faith must be held strong. The point is made clear, "It is not Easy-But it is Simple." Be sure and visit Part 1 if you missed it. (11:25)


Revelations of Identity


Have you ever ask God for something and He asked you to do something in return? Well, it is true, we must give up the things we know, to recieve things that we don't know. Georgina helps us understand that our Father will give us much better things than we could ever imagine, if we just give up the familiar that we try to hold on to. (12:51)


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