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In this teaching Georgina shares a truth we all can relate to-2 Kings tells a story about people in a desperate situation, but God came to their rescue. She reminds us that when our backs are against the wall, whatever it may be, God will be there for us, IF we let Him. (19:13)


What Keith Says...

(This is the second time I've posted this however, this theme has been on my hearts,  I know this will be good for you.) 

Laugh Out Loud!  Yes, that is what we all do when someone tells you you look like your parent? There are so many things in life that are the same, yet different. Like there are many cars, but different colors, brands, models, etc. In our daily lives, there is one main thing that should be the same. Come see what I have to say about that! (7:57)

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Featured Article


By Elaine Tavolacci
Our walk with the Lord is a spiritual journey. Every one of us will encounter good times as well as bad times. Every one of us has a story to be told that will also set others free. As Christians, the way that we respond to difficult situations determines our destiny. Joseph experienced constant betrayal. His brothers threw him in a pit and then sold him as a slave. He was then thrown in a prison wrongfully, but through it all he never sinned and never lost his focus because he had a dream and was determined to see it fulfilled. . .

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Faith Is...

In Part 2 of this teaching, "Don't Drop Your Shield," Georgina addresses a specific situation that affects all of us and how our Shield of Faith must be held strong. The point is made clear, "It is not Easy-But it is Simple." Be sure and visit Part 1 if you missed it. (11:25)


Revelations of Identity


On Easter morning the women went to the tomb expecting to see death-But instead found and empty tomb. It was not what they expected, but it was what Jesus had said. Georgina shares how we must believe in what God says, not what we expect it to be. God's plans have an expected end, and they are good ones for you! (18:04)


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