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Featured Media

The Christian community has been shaken this week by an Opinion Piece from Christianity Today, which called for the removal of our President. Many have seen the news of the Impeachment call for by the left of Congress and everyone has an opinion. Well my friends we felt we should share what we hear from the Spirit of the Lord. We must always seek His wisdom, hear his voice, and respond as He directs us. Listen while I share with you why We say, "I'm on God's Side, He doesn't need my Opinion" His way is always best! (20:42)


What Keith Says...

I want to talk with you a bit about the idea of living in a conundrum. Yes, a confusing and sad situation, for instance, what if you bought a ticket to the circus, but never went into the tent? or had a gym membership and never left the locker room, you would miss out in both situations. Well, I took Ginger to the park and she stayed at the gate, just like some folks do with their relationship with their heavenly Father. Sit down with a cup of coffee and me while I share this with you. I hope you will be encouraged! (11:20)

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Featured Article

You Shall Break Through into 2020 - Like a Rocket!

By Agnes Ebedi, Cleveland, Tennessee
Recently one morning, I was spending some time in worship and was suddenly taken into a vision. In this vision, I saw a heavy rocket blasting off. The sight was so intense; I could see the rocket fires squirting out of the exhaust nozzle with high pressure as it instantly blasted off the launch pad into the sky. When I came out of the vision, I heard the Father say that as we move into the new decade, we are moving into an era of breakthrough. In the same way that a lot of pressure and force is expensed into the launching of a rocket, many people have experienced unusual pressure and fiery attacks in 2019.

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Faith Is...

As a child, with a birthday coming up, there is Great Expectancy! Georgina shares with us In this teaching about an even Greater Expectancy, which is built up in our spirits. God has the plan for each of us to have the full power of Faith, and Hope by developing an Expectancy for our future victories in Him! (14:24)



Revelations of Identity

On Easter morning the women went to the tomb expecting to see death-But instead found and empty tomb. It was not what they expected, but it was what Jesus had said. Georgina shares how we must believe in what God says, not what we expect it to be. God's plans have an expected end, and they are good ones for you! (18:04)


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