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Keith's Blogs


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How many times are Christians caught off guard and attacked at their weakest points because they started off the day without putting on the Armour of God? You see, my back and knees are my weakest points in my body because of old production injuries, So when I don't protect them, well the cold and wind can sneak up on me and POW! Hits me unawares, and I suffer because of my unpreparedness. Many Christians today still have not become strong and mighty in the Lord because of not seeing the weaknesses in their spiritual lives. They go to church, and sing the songs, smile and nod at the Pastor, Like my long sleeve shirt, it's a weak first layer of protection, not really much at all.
...Dave and I are about the same age, and during the late 60's, with the war in Vietnam in full swing, the US military service would not take me as a volunteer because of a medical situation I had, the US Navy took Dave. Eight mounts into his tour of service while I was living a normal life, dating young ladies, working in a grocery store in Phoenix and driving my red convertible, Dave was slipping up the inland river network of Vietnam as part of the elite Brown Water Navy Patrol and was critically injured for his endeavors of trying to help free the Vietnamese people. ..
This morning as I was in my prayer and meditation time, I felt such heaviness in my spirit for those whom have been devastation in the last 24 hours. A Facebook friend, who is a pastor in Uganda, is asking for prayer because of the untimely death of a Brother in their church. Another need came from a friend of many years as she emailed a prayer request for her grandson. He was rushed to the ER in the wee hours of this morning with an elevated white blood cell count and the doctor's report of possible leukemia. Last night, like so many others, I watched my Twitter account, Facebook, and the news into the late hours until I got the "All is well, and everyone is accounted for" report from my family who lives south of Oklahoma City. The horrific tornado had not touched down close to them. In each set of circumstances there was a cry for someone to help...to pray...to care about a need and then there was a mighty band of folks who reached up and out to do just that!
Last night I played two games of checkers with my grandson for the championship of the World!
We finished these two games with me wining both and he in tears, "No one can ever win with you!" he proclaimed as he tucked his head, pulled up his knees, crossed his arms and stuck out his bottom lip!

What a picture of so many of us when things don't go our way. Now mind you, He has only played about eight games of checkers in his entire five years of life, and all of them in the last couple of weeks. So he's not had a lot of experience with this game, and most
of those were with his nine year old sister. Yet, he felt totally defeated because his Papa beat him in the first two games of checkers we ever played.

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