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Keith's Blogs


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"Come Holy Spirit I need you
Come Holy Spirit I pray,
Come in your strength and your power,
Come in your own special way."

1 Cor 15:58 Paul tells us, if we work without the Lord,
i.e. do not seek His direction in all we do, we labor in vain.
A few days ago, Georgina, my wife, and I were out for a drive, just being alone with the Lord. (You might remember in my last Blog I told you about our "prayer drives" ) It was a beautiful day, and I took a lot of back roads that day, turning this way and then that, until I think I even confused "Elizabeth". That' is my Garmin GPS voice. When I came out at the end of one of those "I'm turning left," even though she said, "turn right", I came out at a 4-way stop, Crossroads with a country store/gas station and pit BBQ, "Mm-mm". My wife looked at me and with a really big smile said, "I know where I'm at!"
This morning as we explored a new field, dotted with Eastern Red-bud trees, Riley suddenly stopped dead in his tracks, and took the stance of a hunting dog. He paused, and then pounced on something in the tall grass. When his head came up in his mouth he had a creature of the field. As he started to run off with his prize I quickly gave a tug on his leash and commanded; "No Riley! put that down!" reluctantly he obeyed...On this Mothers Day how many of us can say, I'm so glad God instills in our Mothers the art of guiding with a leash. Oh yes, it is not a physical leash, but a method of directing our steps; A word of direction, a gentle guiding hand, and sometimes even the rod of correction keeps us safe and secure as we travel down our life's pathway.
The other night a young man drove IN the OUT side of the drive at the station where I work, and ended up facing the wrong direction at the gas pumps. Not only that, he even came in a little faster than he should have.

I calmly walked over and motioned for him to roll down his window, and then in my most kind and gentle way ask him, "Excuse me please, if you'd be so kind as to drive out and make a U-turn, then pull back in to the pump going the same direction as everyone else is I would so appreciate it." Now I want you to know this is what I say to each and every one who drives IN, the OUT drive of our station.

The young man looked up at me and said in a kind of gruff voice and tone," I don't want to, and I want you to know, I think it's a stupid rule that we all have to go the same direction and besides that, what gives you the right to tell me where to go!" He seemed to be very sure of himself and of his own opinions and his demeanor showed it...

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