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Prophetic Words

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We are living in a time when darkness seems to be prevailing around the world, but God still has a plan for your life. You have been created in His image and He will never break His Covenant with you. He is raising up a remnant who will be leaders to the lost and strength to the weary. 
The Lord says, I have designed you not only to survive, but to thrive . . .
This is not the same, we've all went through hard times and had difficulties, but the Lord spoke to me this morning and said, "It's not the same, it's a new season, some of the circumstances may seem familiar, and the enemy comes in and he'll say, 'see it's the same as it was before, remember the last time they were back there what happened and whatever,' NO!"...
This morning I heard the Lord saying "It's time, it's time, it's time for THE SONG TO RISE!"

I saw Him looking at those who feel like they have had the life sucked out of them. Those that are feeling battered and bruised by the storms of life and situations around them. Those that feel they are spinning like spinning tops that cannot stop because of the confusion that surrounds. Those whose hearts are hurting, breaking, grieving in the waiting, in the darkness, in the hardship.
I released this word in 2014. Today it was brought before my eyes and I felt to re-release it and decree it over you today!

Good news will ring and your heart will sing!!!

All is well!!!! Things will be swell!!!! He will demonstrate His faithfulness to you!!!!
There is a spirit of accusation raging right now. Keep standing in truth! Keep declaring what He is declaring! There is a shift taking place! God is exposing lies and false accusations and revealing truth. Whispers of accusations are falling to the ground as He makes His TRUTH LOUD! There is a vindication of the Lord breaking through the clouds. Stand still and stand strong, the Lord is fighting for you! The voice of accusation is rising up right before promotion and breakthrough!
This is the day and the hour that I am drawing you closer to Me than ever before. I am filling you up to overflowing just by you coming to Me and basking in My intimate presence and love. It is most important that you partake of My presence in a way where I am able to fill you up so fully that My springs of Living Water gush up and spread out and touch everyone you make contact with. . .
God is going after the boulder in your soul that's holding you captive. He is not only going to remove the boulder, but release the greatest revelation and impartation of His love you have ever experienced...
The Lord is closing the books on your previous season of life. Do not focus on the past or how you feel right now. Many people are feeling as though they somehow missed the Lord or messed up.

The Lord is saying, "I have chosen you and your generation for a special working of my power. Do not worry about how it looks now or the details of how it will happen. When it is time, it will happen quickly."
I felt a real urgency on my heart today as the US election approaches in a few days.

I saw a wind being blown into the body of Christ but it was not a wind sent by the Lord, it was a wind sent by the enemy. As I saw this wind blowing I heard the words:

"CONFUSION and DELUSION are about to rear their ugly heads in a greater way in the next few days leading up to the US election, but My people NO MATTER WHAT YOU SEE, keep your eyes ABOVE and ON ME. Keep your eyes on My heart and crying out for a "DIVINE RESTART" and My RESURRECTION power to manifest.

Please CLICK on the TITLE for the complete Word.

Click on Title for the complete Word
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