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There has been an incredible fire sent by the enemy to assault the God-given dreams and destiny of God's people. The enemy has been coming against God's people in different ways to attack the DREAMS God has given them.
This has left many feeling disorientated, discouraged and confused...
During our house of prayer last night I went into a vision where I saw a horse that was running with a large bit in its mouth. This horse was being pulled one way and then another as the rider controlled its movements. Then I saw that the rider upon the back of this horse was a huge demonic looking creature that was in black armor. It sat upon a heavy saddle and pulled the reins with great force upon paths of hardship.
...Arriving at the restaurant I opened the door. Suddenly, I tumbled forward as I missed a small step. You know that feeling when you are falling and you're trying to catch yourself. It seems endless as though everything is happening in slow motion. How will it all turn out? Lol. You're unaware of the words you spoke, or the sounds that came out of your mouth as you tried to regain your balance. You pray in God's 'limitless grace' no one reminds you either. Lol...
Sometimes when God shows me a specific dream or prophetic experience, it does not necessarily mean the person in the experience had the encounter or if they did, remembers what I saw. It means this is what God IS DOING in this person's life
I had a vision where I saw Jesus leading President Donald Trump to a door. This door was labelled "INCREASE". When Jesus opened the door in the middle of the table was a drawing board. Instantly I knew where I was. It was the strategy room of heaven. . .
People of God, hold on, hold on, hold on for the Lord has dispatched angels of blessing to go before you and to bring recompense, restoration and increase back to you. Where the enemy has come and thought he plundered you, now the Lord has released these angelic hosts and they are going back to the enemy's camp and they are taking the spoils and bringing back all that was stolen.
This morning I heard the Lord saying "It's time, it's time, it's time for THE SONG TO RISE!"

I saw Him looking at those who feel like they have had the life sucked out of them. Those that are feeling battered and bruised by the storms of life and situations around them. Those that feel they are spinning like spinning tops that cannot stop because of the confusion that surrounds. Those whose hearts are hurting, breaking, grieving in the waiting, in the darkness, in the hardship.
...When God gives us a promise you can be assured we will NOT be able to achieve it with our own physical abilities.  In verse 7, chapter 12 of Genesis, God told Abram that his offspring would inherit the land he was standing on. Sarai had always been barren and Abram was getting older by the day.  ALL of God's promises were humanly IMPOSSIBLE and that brings me to where we are TODAY.
I released this word in 2014. Today it was brought before my eyes and I felt to re-release it and decree it over you today!

Good news will ring and your heart will sing!!!

All is well!!!! Things will be swell!!!! He will demonstrate His faithfulness to you!!!!
There is a spirit of accusation raging right now. Keep standing in truth! Keep declaring what He is declaring! There is a shift taking place! God is exposing lies and false accusations and revealing truth. Whispers of accusations are falling to the ground as He makes His TRUTH LOUD! There is a vindication of the Lord breaking through the clouds. Stand still and stand strong, the Lord is fighting for you! The voice of accusation is rising up right before promotion and breakthrough!
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior, I write with great excitment and most of all great expectations! The season of time we are currently in is one of which has never been before.

In this season our Heavenly Father holds the center of attention. All eyes are on him. For some of us the past season was, well to put it plainly, "a doozie!" It was filled with delays, setback, turn backs, road blocks and many, many, disappointments.
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