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On one particularly hard day as I meditated on the goodness of God, It was revealed to me how much my feelings were based on what I SEE instead of what I do not or cannot see. At first I was not sure what was be being revealed to me, and then I remembered the scripture in Hebrews that says, "Now faith IS the substances of things hoped for and the evidence of things NOT SEEN." (Hebrews 11:1-3 NKJV)
The Lord has been speaking to me recently for those who have been through intense fires of adversity over the last season.
The Lord showed me that many faced fires that almost "took them out". Many faced intense fires of adversity where the enemy came ferociously to steal, kill and destroy and many were left in that place of wondering whether they were ever going to make it out alive. The fire was so intense, and the Lord showed me that these fires of adversity were some of the most intense battles of their life. For many they were fires that catapulted them into dark nights of the soul, others into a level of warfare they had never experienced, others feeling like it was this demonic assignment of assault in every direction and breakthrough seemed further than ever. Many faced the battle of their lives to keep their hope in the Lord to bring deliverance.
There is a story in the bible about a great man of faith named Abraham. Abraham and his wife Sarah left their families and even their country trusting the Lord at His word to bless them and make them a great nation. In Genesis chapter seventeen the Lord appeared to him when he was ninety-nine years old and told him that his wife Sarah was going to have a baby boy the following year. She would be ninety and he would be one hundred years old. Abraham fell on his face and laughed. Although he was a man of faith, this sounded ridiculous to him. In chapter eighteen...
There is a story in the book of Numbers when the Lord told Moses to send twelve men, one from each of the twelve tribes of Israel to spy out the land of Canaan, which is also known as the Promised Land. As I read about the giants in the land and thought about all my friends and ministers who are going through intense spiritual warfare, the Holy Spirit said: "It comes with the territory."
Many have been facing an attack on their new land of inheritance. The new place of breakthrough. The new place where many of you have crossed over and others of you are crossing over, it's the new place of increase that the Lord has for you.

The Lord showed me that the enemy is roaring like a lion and he is seeking those to whom he can devour. I saw 1 Peter 5:8 clearly before me:
The Father gave this word to Georgina a few months ago and we posted it. However the Spirit of the Lord brought it back up before us today and we heard, "share this Word again" So here it is my friends. . . This is not a replay of days gone by, but a bright new day filled with the promises of God coming to pass. Like so many, I personally am more on the dark side of the new day dawning than in the full light of day however, the sun is indeed rising, and the full light of day will surely follow. This is such an exciting time even though we may be experiencing what seems to be the never-ending delay of our personal promises coming to pass. Knowing that we are in the season when they will come to pass gives me great joy and excitement. . .
"There is a ferocious battle going on over the destiny of many, tell them to keep moving, because they are moving into the greatest birthing of their destiny yet."
I was surrounded by this strong sense of the breakthrough that many of you are about to step into is a HUGE "next step" of your destiny.
...The enemy is doing all he can to come against the NEW VISIONS that God is birthing, and I felt the Lord say that the NEW VISIONS He has released require intense focus. I kept hearing the words "Be intentional to keep your hand on the plow." The Lord is uncovering the distractions that have been coming against many, and these distractions have come hard and fast against many new visions because the vision that the Lord is birthing through you is moving you into a whole new realm of revelation, encounter, increase, creativity and breakthrough for your life and for those that you will minister to...
Everyone is asking: "What is the Lord saying for 2018?" We have been hearing of wars and rumors of wars, but I am hearing something different. Amidst the voices of doom and gloom there is a voice that is telling us to stand strong and press through no matter what you have endured the past year. Jesus wants to fulfill your impossible dream. Your situation may be impossible in the natural but with God nothing is impossible.
Recently I heard the Lord say "FROM SADNESS TO GLADNESS!" and I saw the Lord leading many who have been carrying great sadness in their hearts for many reasons into deeper intimate encounters with Him where His love and comfort was going to heal the sadness that has crippled many. I saw many in the body of Christ "putting on a brave face". Many were feeling like they had to just "push down the sadness" and keep decreeing and holding on in faith. I believe we should ALWAYS be in a place of decree and living by faith
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