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...There are three places in the book of Revelation where Jesus said, "Behold, I come quickly" (see Revelation 3:11; 22:7; and 22:12). Quickly doesn't necessarily mean soon, but rather, suddenly.

Israel was in Egypt four hundred years before their suddenly occurred...
Have you ever wondered what the Glory of God really looks like? I have. I have watched the great revival meetings of the past on video archives. Kathryn Kuhlman, Oral Roberts, Lester Sumrall, Kenneth Hagin, to name just a few. I have read their testimonies, studied their behavior and have actually met some of them in years past. One thing they all had in common was a tremendous hunger for God...
How many times are Christians caught off guard and attacked at their weakest points because they started off the day without putting on the Armour of God? You see, my back and knees are my weakest points in my body because of old production injuries, So when I don't protect them, well the cold and wind can sneak up on me and POW! Hits me unawares, and I suffer because of my unpreparedness. Many Christians today still have not become strong and mighty in the Lord because of not seeing the weaknesses in their spiritual lives. They go to church, and sing the songs, smile and nod at the Pastor, Like my long sleeve shirt, it's a weak first layer of protection, not really much at all.
This is the day and the hour that I am drawing you closer to Me than ever before. I am filling you up to overflowing just by you coming to Me and basking in My intimate presence and love. It is most important that you partake of My presence in a way where I am able to fill you up so fully that My springs of Living Water gush up and spread out and touch everyone you make contact with. . .
In the midst of my week, sorrow came into our family. But, I'm here to tell you what to do. I love my prayer walks, do you have a place and a time you can meet the Father? (2:25)

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God is going after the boulder in your soul that's holding you captive. He is not only going to remove the boulder, but release the greatest revelation and impartation of His love you have ever experienced...
Not too long ago, Georgina and I were out on a prayer drive, (some folks take "prayer walks", well, we take "prayer drives") as we drove up and down the beautiful country roads found here in middle Tennessee, we rode in silence, as the Spirit would stir up a thought we would speak it out to each other and then just meditate on it. . .We are practicing the presence of God."
...The knocks of God are meant to get our attention; will we hear them? Will our ears be tuned to hear Him knocking when He bids us come or will we be too busy with our own plans or too distracted to notice? Will we allow the enemy and his minions to distract and rob us of precious time lying at the beautiful feet of Jesus in awe, giving Him our special attention?
On my channel you can see a post I shared a bit ago, about the Dry Spots in a pond and how it affects our lives, well in this one I share with you how when the fresh rain does come, when we have the joy of the Lord daily in our lives Life is renewed in both cases. It is only (2:36) long but is is a good word for you today.

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...This deep sense hasn't left me and this phrase has been going over and over in my head "out of the box and out of the boat."

The Lord is calling His people to a deeper level of trust right now. He is asking His people to move in new directions, to step out into areas that are way past comfort zones, to lay things down, to step out into new things, but they are things that are completely unexpected.
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