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Prophetic Words

Please Click on the Title to read the complete Word.
Tell the people to prepare and contend for their faith to be increased.
The Spirit of the Lord said to me, "As they seek and believe, they will become Godly vessels of and for deposits of My Spirit and Power.
They will be able to see, do, and be part of mighty works and miracles.
it makes no difference the size of the church, or our individual age.
ALL that will matter is our yielded-ness and obedience..."
The Lord says; "The tide has turned. It is no longer the tide waters coming in and out, but it is now tsunami. It will wipe away ALL of the debris from the past season. Everything WILL be replenished by this tsunami. Not destroyed."

He is restoring all that has been stolen by the enemy. You will be swept away by his goodness and overwhelmed by his love. (click on the title for the complete Word)
"Stop looking for a vessel to draw from, but go to the source for your provision. I am without limits or restrictions," says the Lord.
"I want you to release me from the confinements of your thinking or understanding. Release me from the confinement of a container.
Move in the freedom of my vastness. For the I AM is without limits."
A corporate prophetic word given by Georgina Buchanan in the morning service at Christ View Church, Glendale, AZ www.christviewchurch.org 11.25.12

The Lord would say to you, "I have not allowed you to go the way you wanted to go or even the way you thought I was leading you to go.
I have shut every door that would allow you to escape the position I have led you into. You have asked me why I am delaying? Why am I not answering your pleas for mercy and deliverance?"
"Do you not know that I AM guiding your every step?
You have not come this way on your own.
It was not you that brought you here, but the great I AM who has done this!
Trust in me says the Lord God almighty.
What can you possibly do for yourselves?
I know the future. You only know the past,"
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