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More Revelation

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Recently, I received a very unusual vision. I saw an eagle soaring over the ocean, then it turned into a large ship, and I heard the words, "Aircraft carrier." As I began to seek the Lord, I heard the word "Audacious." I don't know anything about ships, so I know when I see something by the spirit that is outside my area of personal knowledge, there is something the Lord wants to tell me about it.
There is a story in the book of Numbers when the Lord told Moses to send twelve men, one from each of the twelve tribes of Israel to spy out the land of Canaan, which is also known as the Promised Land. As I read about the giants in the land and thought about all my friends and ministers who are going through intense spiritual warfare, the Holy Spirit said: "It comes with the territory."
The Lord has been declaring breakthrough is coming, He has been declaring "can you hear the sound of rain?", and He is now declaring the weather forecast has changed - it is rain, rain, rain!

Many have been wondering when the darkness will shift, when the pressure will ease, when the shift will begin.

The shift has begun! The decree has been made and here comes the rain!
August is here and I am really excited! Prophetically, it is the 8th month and 8 represents new beginnings. Quite often, we will see the start of new things in August. As this happens, expect to see the old things die away.
I have had heavenly encounters all month involving promotions and commissioning of new plans to continue to prepare us for this next powerful move of God that is coming. . .
We are setting on the verge of the most crucial time in the history of America in our lifetime. This is truly the Kairos moment for our generation. 18 months ago, I had a vision of a city in a dark cloud that looked like a wave starting to cover the town. The Lord spoke to me and said that there is a new darkness and a new wave of perversion coming to America.
Today I was surrounded by the "leaning in close" comforting, encouraging, life giving heart of the Father whispering in the ears of His people. . .

Whether it was an ENORMITY of struggle or ENORMITY of opportunity, or ENORMITY of breakthrough, or ENORMITY of trial.. whatever the ENORMITY was.. I heard the Lord say..
I had an encounter with the Lord where I was taken up above the earth and I was looking down at the earth and I could see pockets of fire burning all across the earth. All across the earth in different nations, some places expected and some places totally unexpected. There were incredible moves of the fire of God falling and encounters with His burning passionate love bringing His people into a deeper level of undoing. A deeper level of being undone by His love, going lower still and rising up burning with the fire of His love. A great igniting is taking place all across the earth, the people of God are being set alight with His love and burning for Him in ways they have never experienced before.
While spending quiet time with the Lord, He dropped this into my heart: 2016 is a year that anything can happen. The possibilities are limitless. As the Word says, "'For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you,' says the Lord, 'thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome" (Jeremiah 29:11). So, what could possibly hold back the manifestation of these limitless possibilities? Perhaps it is letting our negative thoughts stand in the way of God's good plan for our lives. In order to change your life and affect your circumstances, you must find out what is controlling the beliefs in your heart. . .
...As God's people kept their eyes on Him, no matter how many doors, opportunities or circumstances pressed them on either side, as they fixed their gaze on Him, as their eyes locked, I looked deep into His eyes and I saw WISDOM. In His eyes I saw a corridor of many doors representing decisions needing to be made and the Lord was HIGHLIGHTING the 'next step, the next doors' to walk through. Wisdom and answers were being found in fixing eyes with His...
The Lord showed me a very clear, prophetic vision about a launching pad. Before anything is shot off of a launching pad it must be in the very center of it so that it will make sure it hits the destination. Before the people at NASA launch a rocket or space shuttle into space, they make sure it is in the center of the pad and that everything is working properly. When everything is aligned properly, then there is a sudden shifting in, and the rocket or space shuttle is shot with the great acceleration into space.
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